What are the charges for the first(1st) consultation?

The first consultation will be charged based on the hourly rate of the lawyer selected. This first consultation will be used to familiarize us with your file and consider possible strategies and avenues by rendering you a proper legal opinion;

For more information, please consult Meet our lawyers.

How much are the total legal fees?

Although an estimate of fees may be provided, we cannot predict with precision the anticipated total costs of the legal fees as various factors may increase the costs of the case such when your case is highly contested by opposing party;

The hourly rate is specific to each lawyer which does not include GST and QST and any other disbursements or charges;

Does Schneider Attorneys inc. take on legal aid mandates?

No. Files covered by legal aid are not taken by Schneider Attorneys;

What are my chances of success of my file?

It is not possible to guarantee any result or outcome of your file, but we can define whether you have a strong or weak case after the first initial consultation;

At Schneider Attorneys, we offer options and strategies based on the facts of your case so that you can make an informed decision on a move forward basis;

Can my legal fees be reimbursed?

In general, legal fees may not be reimbursed by opposing party except in exceptional circumstances of abuse.

In estate matters, it is possible to be reimbursed for your legal fees should you need to defend yourself as the liquidator of the estate.

Kindly see the estate section of our website for more information.

How do I prepare for my first consultation?

There are numerous documents that are important in preparation of the initial consultation. It is important to bring these documents with you in order to optimize your first consultation.

For more information, please consult the two links below :

Thank you for booking with us;

How to prepare for an appointment with your lawyer?

What are the average delays of a legal procedure?

Delays vary based on the type of procedure, the circumstances and the complexity of the case.

Estate matters have priority over commercial matters when a trial date is requested.

For more information, please consult Commercial and civil litigation.

What areas of law does Schneider Attorneys practice in?

Schneider Attorneys specialize in real estate, estate and labour law litigation cases, but even more.

For more information, please consult Areas of law or select the area among the following ones:

What cases has the firm Schneider Attorneys been involved?

Schneider Attorneys relentlessly defends their clients as shown in many past judicial winning decisions.

For more information, please consult Legal cases.

I have a latent defect on my property, what do I do?

If you are the BUYER, please consult Latent defects – Buyer.

If you are the SELLER, please consult Latent defects – Seller.

A buyer and a seller accepted a promise to purchase regarding an immovable. Now one of the two (2) parties desires to withdraw. What can I do?

There are different options, including an action in passing of title.

For more information, please consult Action in passing of title.

What are my rights regarding non-competition and non-solicitation?

In order to answer those questions, it is important to distinguish two (2) different concepts:

  • Duty of loyalty;
  • Non-competition clause.

For more information, please consult Duty of loyalty and discretion.

Is there a difference between dismissal, termination and suspension? In a case of a loss of employment, are there minimum delays required? What are the remedies when these rights are violated?

For more information on these differences, please consult Termination, dismissal and suspension, what’s the difference?

What are the delays in a loss of employment situation between employee and employer?

For more information on the said delays, please consult Certain delays;

What are the legal and administrative remedies possible if the rights of the employer or the employee have been violated during the loss of employment?

For more information, please consult Remedy.

When a loved one passes away without leaving a last will and testament, what happens?

You will be facing a situation called succession ab intestat.

For more information on the liquidation of an estate ab intestat, please consult Succession ab intestat.

When a loved one passes away, how is it possible to discover if there is a valid last will and testament?

In order to identify if there is a valid last will and testament, you can perform a will search at the Chamber of notaries and barreau du Quebec.

If you have a holographic will or a will before 2 witnesses, is it valid?

There is a process called probate/homologation of wills that needs to be respected.

For more information on this process, please consult Probate of wills.

What is the role of a liquidator in an estate?

The liquidator has many responsibilities regarding the estate if, he chooses to accept this role.

For more information on the obligations and requirements for a liquidator, please consult The role of the liquidator.

As the liquidator of an estate, what are the delays required to produce an inventory and a rendering of account?

As they are two (2) different and unique documents, the rendering of account and the inventory do not have the same delays.

For more information on the delays and requirements, please consult 5 things to know about the role and responsibilities of a liquidator.

You did not obtain the inventory, the rendering of account or any other documents which you are entitled to as an heir of the estate? What can you do?

Firstly, you can check which documents you are entitled to as an heir and what is the process for the settlement of the estate by consulting Settling an estate.

Secondly, you are entitled to the communication of several documents as heir of the estate. These documents must be disclosed to you, with certain exceptions.

For more information, please consult 5 things to know about the communication of documents to heirs.

As heir or liquidator of an estate, am I allowed to receive or pay advance payments?

Yes it is possible, but there are conditions that need to be met before proceeding with advance payments.

For more information, please consult 5 things to know about your entitlement to your share of the estate and advance payments.

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