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In order to better assess your situation please fill out the following questionnaire.

Question 1:

I am

BuyerSellerInspectorReal Estate AgentOther

Question 2:

For Buyers

a. If you’re a buyer, did you perform a pre-inspection report?


b. Subsequent to your purchase, did you perform any renovations regarding the property?


If yes, please elaborate:

c. Who performed these renovations?


d. If a contractor performed the renovations, kindly provide his/her name and contact details:

e. What was the value of the renovations performed?

Question 3:

Are you a professional in real estate, conducting real estate activities on a daily or weekly basis?


Question 4:

Date property was purchased on:

Question 5:

Municipality of the property:

Question 6:

Address of the property:

Question 7:

Sale price of the property:

Question 8:

Year the building was constructed:

Question 9:

Type of housing:

Permanent/Primary HouseChalet/Secondary HouseCommercial BuildingMulti-Unit Building

Question 10:

Was the property sold with legal warranty?


Question 11:

What is the nature of the latent defect?

lack of insulationfoundationpyritecarpenter antsasbestoswater infiltrationmoldoil contaminationOther

If other please specify:

Question 12:

If you have received any legal procedures, please attached the documents to the following form or fax them to us at the following number: (514) 564-3380.

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