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In order to better assess your situation please fill out the following questionnaire.

Question 1:

I am

BuyerSellerInspectorReal Estate AgentOther

Question 2:

For Sellers

a. If you’re a seller, did you fill out a sellers declaration form?


b. If you answered yes to the above question, to whom did you give the sellers declaration?

BuyerInspectorReal Estate AgentOther

c. Did you omit any information or details provided to the buyer?


d. Did you perform any renovations regarding your property prior to sale?


If yes, please elaborate:

e. Who performed these renovations?


f. If a contractor performed the renovations, kindly provide his/her name and contact details:

g. What was the value of the renovations performed?

Question 3:

Are you a professional in real estate, conducting real estate activities on a daily or weekly basis?


Question 4:

Date property was purchased on:

Question 5:

Municipality of the property:

Question 6:

Address of the property:

Question 7:

Sale price of the property:

Question 8:

Year the building was constructed:

Question 9:

Type of housing:

Permanent/Primary HouseChalet/Secondary HouseCommercial BuildingMulti-Unit Building

Question 10:

Was the property sold with legal warranty?


Question 11:

What is the nature of the latent defect?

lack of insulationfoundationpyritecarpenter antsasbestoswater infiltrationmoldoil contaminationOther

If other please specify:

Question 12:

If you have received any legal procedures, please attached the documents to the following form or fax them to us at the following number: (514) 564-3380.

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